Hamlet Planning is Underway!

We're looking to solicit the help of our community to provide feedback for the Alplaus Hamlet Plan!  

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What is a Hamlet Plan?  It will be a guiding document that can be used to communicate our community's wishes and serve as an organized, unified vehicle that we can share with local government (Town/County).

When we were concerned with the marina development last year, we kept being asked: "what DO you want there?".  A Hamlet Plan is a document that will answer that question, in the future so that we can easily present a unified front and have an accepted, consensus-based plan to share, should we need to in the future.

Your participation is essential in making this planning process a success, please take 5 minutes to submit a survey.  Thanks!  - The ARA

For additional questions or concerns, please email:  Alplaus12008@yahoo.com