Glenville Area Density Update - October 2017

The Density Update status tracker will track the status of planned multi unit development in the area and post periodic updates as they become known.

Under Construction/Planned Construction

Maple Ave Amedore Development - Yates Farm - In Construction - 44 Units
Located at the end of Alplaus Ave, on Maple Avenue

Glen Oaks Amedore Development - In Construction - 135 Units
Located in Glenville, Hillside Drive, behind the Schenectady Airport

Rexford Bridge Development (South side of Mohawk) - Construction Planned for 2018 - 192 Units
Located in Niskayuna, directly across the Mohawk from Alplaus near the new Rexford bridge

Casino Harbor Apartments - Completed - 120 Units
Located in Schenectady, right across the river from Freeman's bridge road corridor

Casino Harbor Apartments - Future Phases - 81 Units

Glen Esk Apartments in Scotia - 76 Units
Next to Scotia Glenville High School


Prime Companies Alplaus Marina - Proposal - 228 Units
Located at the end of Maritime Drive, Alplaus

Edison Club Development - Proposal - 206 Units
Located at the Edison club on Riverview Rd, 1/2 mile East of Alplaus

Defeated Proposals

Balltown Rd/Van Antwerp Proposal - 52 Units - Defeated October 2017

Glenville Area Multi Unit Proposals - 1,082 New Units Currently Being Built or Proposed

Repository Online!

Major components of have been updated!

The Save Alplaus File Repository is online!  Check it out here -

The repository contains a number of resources including but not limited to:

  • Letters from the Alplaus Resident's Association to Elected Officials
  • The Prime Company's proposal for the Marina Development
  • The Glenville Comprehensive Plan
  • Directory of addresses should YOU wish to write any letters